Urban Hippies

Lacey is going to give you her side of the story on this too.  I haven’t read it yet and am not going to until after I give you my side. Just a heads up for you guys though, my version will be the accurate one. 🙂

Around noon on the 4th of July, Lacey and I went to a little breakfast joint in downtown Boise.  Chances are we went there because Lacey knew she (being an adult) could order off of the kid’s menu.  There’s a pretty solid chance that she ordered a grilled cheese sandwich that day.  Probably a chocolate milk or a juice box to go with it.  Yeah, not kidding.  Side note, it actually works out great for me because she lets me eat the apple sauce.  For some reason, every kid’s meal comes with apple sauce, but that’s neither here nor there.

We were sitting…

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