So BRIDE WARS is one of my favourite ‘wedding movies’.


I love this type of movie but what I think makes this movie a GREAT movie is the casting. I am a huge Kate Hudson fan, she is witty, gorgeous, intelligent and her eyes rolls are the best! Anne Hathaway is indeed amazing in this but I think is a definite second to Kate.

Emma and Liv are two best friends who are both planning their dream weddings at the Plaza. They only have 3 months to go and BAM their weddings have been booked on the same day. After playful sabotage Emma’s wedding ends in disaster whilst Liv carries out her perfect day.

NOW! Let’s look at the dresses!



Now lets look at the damage!

ImageWhat was better? Seeing Anne’s beautiful porcelain skin turn orange or seeing Kate’s beautiful blonde locks turn blue? I think I would have to…

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